Fresh Produce – The Master List

Here’s the list from the jump!


10/25/14: Grandmaster Flash
09/27/14: Statik Selektah & DJ Trayze
08/23/14: The Arcitype & Mr. Fritz
07/26/14: Pete Rock
06/28/14: DJ Apollo
05/31/14: DJ Kool
04/26/14: DJ Excel & Brek.One
03/29/14: DJ Spinbad
02/22/14: Skratch Bastid
01/25/14: Tony Touch


12/14/13: DJ QBert
11/23/13: DJ Felli Fell
10/26/13: Afrika Bambaataa
09/28/13: Cipha Sounds
08/24/13: Four Color Zack
07/27/13: Ali Shaheed Muhammad
06/22/13: Bo Bliz
04/27/13: DJ Scratch
03/16/13: DJ Yoda
02/23/13: DJ Format
01/26/13: Nick Catchdubs


12/15/12: Low Budget
11/17/12: Nu-Mark
10/20/12: Craze
09/12/12: Smif N Wessun Performing Live
08/25/12: Nina Sky (DJ Set)
07/28/12: 9th Wonder
06/30/12: DJ Fashen
05/26/12: DJ Vajra
04/28/12: DJ Platurn
03/31/12: DJ Spinna
02/25/12: Emynd
01/28/12: J-Live, Deck Bros


10/19/11 Stretch Armstrong + DJ Dolo
09/22/11: Camp Lo Performing Live! Plus Durkin and Black El
08/27/11: DJs JS-1 and Tone Spliff
07/30/11: Turquoise Jeep Performing Live
07/23/11: Dam Funk Performing Live
06/25/11: Floor Lords Anniversary Party w/ Jazzy Jay
05/21/11: Skinny Friedman & Deejay Theory
04/30/11: DJ Revolution, J-Zone, Mister Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers)
03/26/11: Shortee, Saucy Lady, Leah V
02/26/11: DJ Steve1der, Layzee Boy
01/29/11: The Freshest DJs


11/20/10: DJ Eleven
10/23/10: Kutmasta Kurt
09/25/10: Maseo
08/28/10: Ron G
07/17/10: Prince Paul
06/26/10: Ayres
04/24/10: DJ Sake1 (((Local 1200))), JayCeeOh
03/27/10: DJ Synapse (Frank151), DJ Legacy
02/27/10: Jeru The Damaja
01/30/10: Mayer Hawthorne (Athletic Mic League)


11/21/09: DJ Revolution, Pseudo Slang (Tone Atlas + Emcee Sick), Rude 1 (Single Minded Pros)
10/24/09: Diamond D (D.I.T.C.), Mr. Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers)
09/26/09: Shortkut (Beat Junkies), Mr. Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers)
08/29/09: DJ Eleven (The Rub)
07/25/09: Tommee & Knife
06/27/09: Big Kap The Warden, 7L
05/23/09: Jeru The Damaja
04/25/09: K-Salaam, DJ LoPRO, DJ Cutler (Pseudo Intellectuals)
03/09/09: DJ Leanski (Floorlords), Reel Drama
02/28/09: DJ ON&ON, DJ Evaready
01/31/09: JayCeeOh


11/29/08: The Large Professor, Kon
10/25/08: Chris Devlin (Spank Rock)
09/27/08: Rob Swift (X-ecutioners)
08/30/08: Statik Selektah, Termanology
07/29/08: Kon, 7L, Beyonder, DJ Rugged One, Frank White, Mister Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers)
06/28/08: Total Eclipse (X-ecutioners)
05/31/08: Dooley O, Stezo, Paul Foley
04/26/08: 7L
03/29/08: Steinski
02/23/08: Kon
01/26/08: Lovebug Starski


12/01/07: DJ Benzi
10/27/07: The Bladrunners (7L + Beyonder), Esoteric
09/29/07: J.J. Brown, Louis Logic
08/25/07: Doo Wop
07/21/07: Evil Dee (Da Beatminerz)
06/30/07: Dr. Claw
05/26/07: DJ Platurn (Oakland Faders)
04/28/07: DJ A.Vee
03/31/07: The Masters (JayCeeOh + DJ ON&ON)
02/24/07: J-Zone
01/27/07: DJ Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon)


12/30/06: DJ Food Stamp
11/25/06: Frank White
10/28/06: The Awesome 2 (Special K + Teddy Ted)
09/30/06: Mister Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers)
08/26/06: DJ Eclipse (Non Phixion)
07/29/06: Dooley O


Hey! We’re asking for your support in voting for the Boston Music Awards. Since this time last year we’ve brought you Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Scratch and Dj Nu Mark to you through our monthly party Fresh Produce, just to name a few. Please take a second to vote for Fresh Produce as Best Dance Night in the BMA’s and our resident DJ Knife, whose also up for DJ Artist Of The Year category. Vote here:


Four Color Zack on August 24!

Fresh Produce is back this month with another awesome guest…FOUR COLOR ZACK!

Enjoy this recent mix by Four Color Zack and get ready to party next week!

“Four Color Zack is a technically dazzling “DJ’s DJ” and pop party rocker at the same (damn) time, deftly cutting between arena shows, Vegas mega-clubs and underground parties with style and ease. With his winning set at the Red Bull Thre3style World Championships in 2012, the Seattle record slinger showed the entire globe what it means to be the best behind the decks, but real heads have known for years that every single FCZ set is a master class on body moving.”

Saturday, August 24 with support by Knife, Chumzilla, Tommee

Celebrating 7 Years with Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Fresh Produce is back this month on July 27th to celebrate our 7th Anniversary with ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD!

Check out his J Dilla tribute mix from Red Bull Music Academy Radio. ”Hip hop visionary, champion producer, songwriter and The Ummah mastermind – Ali Shaheed Muhammad pays tribute to the one and only Dilla.”


Hey folks! Been putting this one together for the last 6 months and now I’m finally ready to unleash Strange Brew 3! For the 3rd installment of this series, I tried to stay true to the formula of super quick mixes spanning multi-musical genres. There’s 40 tracks in just under 45 minutes of play time. Of course there’s gotta be some trap stuff, a smidgen of classic rock, couple retro tracks and a lotta French sounding dance music. Shout outs to Esoteric & Nina Sky for the new drops, Alfredo Rico-Dimas for the art, Will C for the mastering and my man Jiggy for always sending tracks my way. So here it is!! Enjoy!

-DJ Knife


Strange Brew_3-01